Our Mission

We advocate for positive change to improve experiences for people affected by cancer.


Our Vision

A world where people with cancer are treated as individuals and where all their varying needs are met thus making the process of treatment much more pleasant and humane.

About Us

Blue Dot Army takes a human centered, research-based approach to deeply understand the personal experiences of people affected by cancer and those who support them to identify the biggest opportunities for change. We partner with likeminded cancer organisations and wellbeing advocates to achieve this. 

Blue Dot Army was established by Crystal Howrie, after her own experience with cancer left her determined to change the processes and improve the service experience of those undertaking cancer treatment.

‘Blue Dot’ represents the small tattoo a person with cancer must have to accurately guide the radiologist to administer radiation treatment.  For many it is a painful and permanent reminder of their cancer experience. ‘Army’, represents the people who provide support to those with cancer – advocates, partners, volunteers etc. The butterfly is symbolic of change and represents endurance, hope and life.